Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Centers for Kindergarten and My Kindergarten Math Buddy!

Shew, I thought I could find time to blog at least every month. Apparently, I was wrong! (As I often am.) :) But here I am again, on a weeknight, ready to spill my heart out to the wonderful people in Blog land. I read so many blogs on a daily basis, shouldn't it count for PD credit or something? ;)

I was just going to give a peek inside of my new Easter Activities and Centers Pack. My students have not used this resource yet, but it will be introduced on Monday and placed in our Center tubs for our Easter Theme next week! It is something I created to fit the personalities, strengths and needs of my own Kinderoos. If you find it useful, that just makes it all the better!

I used some super cute Easter Clip Art I found here on TpT by the Enlightened Elephant. It was love at first glance. <3

 One of my favorite activities from the set is this Easter Basket CVC Word game!! I just love playing it myself, so I really can't wait to introduce my students to it. They love anything colorful, and they are totally mastering their CVC word skills right now!

My students are also very fluent with rhyming words, so I created this egg-match activity for their independent center work. If your kids aren't as fluent, it would be very easy to write matching numbers or letters on the back of the rhymes for self-check purposes. This is great for multiple-levels of learners because it has the picture cues as well as the CVC word. I KNOW this will be a hit! My kids love any puzzle-like activity.

We are just beginning our endeavors with addition. They are getting pretty great at it thus far, so I wanted to get an Easter Math Center prepared for next week. Since they aren't experts yet, I will be writing answers on the back of the carrot cards just for self-check purposes. I will also only be using the Sums to Five for the majority of my class, and will have Sums to 10 available for my highest center group. This game is called Feed the Hungry Bunny! I love the CLIP ART! I could stare at it's beautiful colorfulness all day! :) 

Here is another Math Center. It is simply an Easter-Themed Twenty-Frame Center. At this point, my kids do sometimes struggle with their teen numbers so I find this to be great practice. Plus, I just love ten frames and so do my students. I try to use them several times a week, just because they help my darlings to visualize numbers so easily. It has truly deepened their understanding. Here is the center. I think this will also be a great "rabbit trap". (That is a Dr. Jean term. If you haven't heard her story behind it, Google it ASAP!) 

This packet also includes some of the best printable sheets I've ever created! They are ADORABLE and yes, they are kid tested! (I tried, but could not wait until Easter week to use them!) Here are some of my smarties and their work on the "Label the Easter Picture" sheet.

Here are some of the other sheets that are included. So cute! (Did I mention that I LOVE THIS EASTER CLIP ART!??!?!)

All in all, I think this pack is going to make for a great week for my kiddos. They love any holiday, and Easter is such a special time. I am looking so much forward to our upcoming learning experiences! 

Visit this Link if you are interested in purchasing my Kindergarten Easter Activity/Center Pack! 

:) :) :) :) 
On another totally random note, I also want to share another product I created a while back but haven't implemented completely in my room. It is called "My Kindergarten Math Buddy." It came along after a suggestion from my classroom volunteer, Ronnie. 

It was the very first time I presented a "Before and After" number activity to my students and they bombed it! At that time, they had no clue how to count backwards and I had NO IDEA. That was a big ole' eye opener for me, in case you haven't had it happen to you before. After seeing their struggle, Ronnie suggested the idea of providing each student with a 100 chart to keep handy at their desk. (We have one in our room, but it isn't big enough or convenient enough for each student to view as needed. That is something on my to-do-as-soon-as-possible-list.) As a result of Ronnie's idea, I created this and I adore it! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner. Although she refuses to take credit, RONNIE... THIS WAS YOUR IDEA!! :) <3 <3 <3

This "Math Buddy" has so many components that will assist my Kindergarten kids throughout the year. I simply printed the pages, pasted them to a file folder, and laminated. Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
This is the back cover: 

  These are great to pop right into their little desks so they can have them handy when they need them. It is a great way to differentiate instruction and assessments and provide accommodations for special learners.  

Visit this Link if you are intersted in purchasing a "My Kindergarten Math Buddy!"

As I said before, I created this for my students. But, if you purchase this from my store and find that you need different/more components, I would be glad to add additional pages based on your needs! Just email me your requests at 

I'm going to go into a Kindergarten-Teaching Induced Coma any minute now. Better wrap this up before I face plant into the keyboard. :D 

God Bless!! 

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