Monday, April 14, 2014

Free CVC Center: Rattle, Roll & Read

Mondays are tough. No Primary Teacher could look you straight in the eye and deny it. So, I'm hoping to brighten your first-day-back-after-a-short-and-restless-weekend just a bit! Personally, nothing brightens my day better than finding a great Free Resource online that I can use with my students.  It is like instant smiley emoticon, truly. So, I'm spreading the love on this Manic Monday. :)
This is a center that I introduced to my students a few weeks ago and they really seem to enjoy it. I call it, "Rattle, Roll & Read!" 

You will need: 
  • Cheap Foam Dice: One color for consonants, different color for vowels (I heard Dollar Tree has them but I got mine from a Math training.) 
  • Cups (Dollar Tree!)
  • Printer & Lamination (if desired)
So, I initially began writing random letters on the dice until I realized the possibility that a bad word may pop up. I could just here 27 astonished gasps filling the atmosphere. It would be tragic for my center-management skills. Ha! So, I very tenderly thought about my letters and left out any bad-word-inducing combinations that I could think of. :) 

After I had my letters written on the cubes, center cards printed (and laminated) and cups purchased... I let my darlings go to town! (In case you are unaware of my country-fied slang, that means I let them loose to play with it.) They really enjoy it, especially the RATTLING part. Any excuse to make excessive noise (that doesn't immediately get shot down by me) is a win for my kiddies. 

And here are a few of my beauties enjoying the game: 

Here is a good shot of the RECORDING SHEET that is included in this freebie. Students have to decide whether the word they rattled & rolled is a real or silly word. It really shows each students abilities to blend and recognize random CVC words.

I've included two versions of the center mat. One for those ink-drinkers like myself, who have to have everything in vibrant color. And, a version for those smart ink-savers, who know that it doesn't really matter either way.  

Here is the full Recording Sheet: 

I hope this freebie will be enjoyed by many! Follow this link to get your copy from my TpT Store: Rattle, Roll & Read: Free CVC Literacy Center

God Bless!! 

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