Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Sample: Primer Sight Word Intensive Practice

I hate buying stuff. I know that is so incredibly un-feminine like, but I'm really cheap. So cheap that I literally only own one purse. What kind of woman does that? Well, the kind that believes in using a single purse until it falls to shreds because they are way too expensive to buy multiples. Call me Mrs. Cheapo, that is exactly what I am.

Anyhoo, back to the point here. (I sidetrack too EASY!) I definitely hate buying stuff that I think I will like but don't. I do this quite often, and there comes this special feeling of regret every time for wasting money.  So, to keep potential TpT shoppers from doing just the same, I created a FREEBIE of my Intensive Sight Word Practice for you guys to try with your kiddies before you buy. I hope this saves you some trouble and worry about buying another product that you won't actually use. Plus, every Primary Teachers loves a good FREEBIE, right? :) 

Here is what you're getting: 

Follow this link to download it from my TpT Store: Primer Sight Words: Intensive Practice Free Sample

God Bless! <3 

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